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Name of the organization:
"Association of Cultural Relations"

5900 Orosháza
Kossuth Lajos Str. 14-16.

5901 Orosháza, P.O. Box: 75.



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Short History

The Association of Cultural Relations was founded on 12th May 1992, and it has been functioning as a fully non-profit organisation since 7th August 2002.

Our goals:

  • To enrich the cultural life of Orosháza, to support artistic activities, to maintain artistic values.

Main activities:

  • To run the Orosháza City Gallery, the Studio in the Zombai street and the Gallery at the Town Hall.
  • To organize exhibitions of Fine and Applied Art, camps, literary and musical events.
  • To organize and run the Nicolas Müller FIAP Regional Workshop of Artistic Photography.
  • To confer the prize „For the Culture of Orosháza” founded by the foundation and the Nicolas Muller Memorial Coin.
  • To publish the literary, artistic publication „The Present – Orosháza Almanach”.


Our contacts:

The association maintain excellent contacts with the representatives of the intellectual life of Arad (Romania), Warsaw (Poland), Subotica (Serbia), Kuusankosk (Finland) and Ilanes (Spain). In the framework of these close connections we organize exhibitions and meetings, where the participating artists and the public interested in arts can get acquainted with the culture of other nations. The association maintains twin relations with Kuusankosk in Finland and Nagykároly in Romania.